Founder & Board Members 創辦人及管理委員

Bhante Dhammadipa, Ven. Xing Kong

Bhante Dhammadipa (also known as Venerable Xing Kong) is the Director of the foundation. He was well-seasoned in Chinese Literature, Russian literature, and Buddhist philosophy along with years of meditation experience. In 1986, Venerable Dhammadipa went to Japan and studied under Zen Master Harada Serrei Roshi. In 1987, he was ordained in Theravada Tradition in Sri Lanka where he practiced meditation under the guidance of his preceptor, Venerable Nanarama Mahathera. In 1989, he received the Three Fold ordination as a Mahayana monk in Hsi Lai Temple, Los Angeles.

In 1996, Venerable went to Myanmar to practice meditation with the contemporary master Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw, and was recognized by the Sayadaw to be first of the Sayadaw’s Western disciples qualified to teach meditation. He has since been teaching Samatha (tranquil mental states) and Vipassana (direct seeing of the Dharma) meditation at monasteries and universities worldwide.

Venerable Dhammadipa speaks Czech, French, German, English, Russian, and fluent Chinese. This is just to name a few languages he masters. Over the years Venerable has presented dharma teachings and led meditation retreats around Europe, North America, Taiwan, mainland China, India and Southeast Asia. Personally he has a gentle and easy going manner. Venerable teaches that knowledge of the Buddhist way should be applied in practice and verified first hand through direct experience. One should make a great vow to tread the way and realize the dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Five other no-pay members including monastic and laymen serve as board members of the foundation.